Best Wooden Hammock Stand


There are different styles of wooden hammock stands that are suitable for different styles of hammocks. For example, hammocks that utilize spreader bars to keep the hammock bed open and flat are most suitable for the “arc” type of wooden hammock stand. These “arc” style hammock stands are almost artful in their grace and elegance in my opinion.

Another type of hammock that may utilize a wooden hammock stand is the chair hammock swing. In particular, if they are designed for two people, they require a wooden hammock stand that is an overhead, or cross-beam arch style. This would be considered a specialty type of hammock stand and would not be suitable for any other type of hammock. But it is a aesthetically pleasing way to hang your hammock and would definitely add some charm to your back patio or back yard.

And be sure to keep the hammock dimensions in mind, making sure that the hammock stand length is correct for the length of the hammock. Hammock beds come in diofferent lengths, as well as widths, so make sure the hammock stand and hammock are size-compatible or you may find yourself with a hammock stand that doesn’t work for your hammock, or vise versa.

Different Types of Wood

Some wooden hammock stands are made of wood that is highly durable for long-term outdoor use, like cypress, shorea wood, or teak. You will pay a premium price for wooden hammock stands that are made of these types of exotic wood, but they will last longer and will require less maintenance. But because they are made of a natural material they will require some maintenance. If you want to keep them in top condition and maintain their good looks they will require an annual rubdown with a very fine steel wool and a good quality linseed oil. And its a good idea to apply a new coat of stain and sealant every few years to keep moisture from penetrating and damaging the wood. This is no different than how you would maintain any other type of outdoor wooden patio furniture. A little bit of attention is all that is required to make your investment in a good quality wooden hammock stand last a long time.

Shop the Big Box Stores or Go Online?

The problem that I have with the large box retailers when I’m looking for good quality wooden hammock stands is that I am almost always disappointed with their selection. They tend to have more of your very basic metal hammock stands to choose from and fewer, if any, good wooden hammock stands. The same is true of their selection of hammocks in general – slim pickings for just the basic designs.

My experience has been that the very best and widest selections of high quality wooden hammock stands is with an online retailer. There are lots of great online stores that sell hammocks and hammock accessories and hammock stands. Prices are very competitive with the big box stores, in fact they are on par, and many online retailers offer free shipping. In fact you should make a point of looking for a retailer that offers free shipping. If none of the retailers close to your home have a hammock or hammock stand style that suits your needs then an online retailer is a great alternative. The only downside is having to wait for your hammock and hammock stand to arrive.

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