Hatteras Hammocks ALSTBR Aluminum Arc Hammock Stand

  • Hang your hammock anywhere
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame
  • 14-feet by 49-inch frame
  • Bronze textured finish

Never worry about finding two perfect trees to hang your hammock from. All the sturdiness and heightened weatherability of powder-coated metal, yet considerably more lightweight than our steel arc hammock stands. Powder-coated aluminum is durable and lasting across all seasons. Award-winning arc design supports a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. Measures 49-inch wide by 51-inch tall, and 14-feet in total length.

This hammock stand arrived on schedule. On inspection of the frame, it is a charcoal color, not bronze . I didn’t mind this part too much, as it still matches our decor, but it is not as advertised. Unexpectedly, there was substantial rust in the factory drilled holes and a few ounces fell out of the holes onto my carpeted floor while transferring the frame. Beware – it is definitely not a good option for outdoor use in a humid or rainy environment. The rustproofing is in the coated areas and the holes are not adequately protected. On assembling the item, I noticed very poor manufacturing tolerances – it was very difficult to line up the bolts with their respective holes.

One of the drilled holes had a large bead of welded material obstructing passage of the bolt. The steel weld was covering about 30% of the hole. I called customer support and left a message other answering service, but never received a return call. In desperation, I ended up getting a file and ground off the excess welding and was able to put the rest together, but the fit and finish is very poor. Please also note that this item is made in china with the worst craftsmanship, and i totally would not buy it again, recognizing that it is a hazard from a safety standpoint (I don’t know the full extent of the rust damage on the inside of the frame), and it is not as advertised. Aesthetically it is ok and functions well, but I refuse to allow my kids on it – and that was the whole point of this purchase. Please do yourself a favor and don’t make the mistake I did by buying this product or patronizing this manufacturer/vendor.

Hatteras hammocks alstbr aluminum arc hammock stand1 Hatteras Hammocks ALSTBR Aluminum Arc Hammock Stand