Two Person Jumbo Hammock Review

Bought this hammock in 2006 — it lasted through one summer before completely falling apart halfway through the second. (A rope or two or three shredded the first summer too, which we were able to tie the ends together to keep using the hammock.)

Then again, with the price, I didn’t expect much more.

I noticed right out of the box that the hammock rope wasn’t as substantial as the hammocks I have previously owned — the strands were softer — less like rope and more like cording (if that makes any sense…)

We have a metal hammock stand; one would barely clear the ground when lying on the hammock due to the looseness of the weave.

Note that it is called a “Two Person” hammock, and that we did subject it to the full two-person load (and occasionally a small child thrown in for good measure.) Plus, we left it outside, exposed to the elements, all summer. But all our previous hammocks have taken this abuse and lasted an average of three years.

Figure that with the cheaper price it’s still an okay buy. But now that I’m in the market again for a hammock, I think I’m going to spend a little more money and hopefully get something more durable.

This hammock looks great, but the weave is so loose that my 4 year old son put his head right through it. Immediately after we put it up he made a game out of lying in it with his head hanging down through the hammock and his hair brushing the ground. (Kids are so creative!) He could strangle himself doing that, though, so we immediately returned it. This is in comparison to our old hammock made in Costa Rica, which was woven tighter. My son could not play strangulation games with it!

The other thing about this hammock that was unpleasant is that it comes in a vinyl clear plastic bag that smells awful, so the hammock smells awful, too. Even with the hammock up outside I could not sit in it, but I assume that the smell would go away over time. I am more sensitive to the toxic smell of vinyl than most people are.

The other reviews are accurate; the rope is soft, the spreaders are big, and it looks nice. However, I would not recommend it for anyone with a child or anyone who has chemical sensitivities.

Two person jumbo hammock review11 Two Person Jumbo Hammock Review